Compliant with IEEE 802.11ac, W64AP is a gigabit dual-band ceiling access point. Powered by MU-MIMO technology, a single W64AP can simultaneously communicate with multiple clients, greatly improving throughput and enhancing user experience. With high power RF and renovative design of antennas that are optimized for long distance scenarios, W64AP offers reliable long-distance wireless solutions for indoor space with signal barriers, such as factory warehouses and hotels.

  • High power for broader and stable coverage
  • Gigabit internet connection for ultra-fast experience
  • Up to 1317 Mbps dual-band data rate
  • Centralized management by all IP-COM ACs and enterprise routers

High power

High power RF and built-in high-gain omni-directional antennas guarantee a broader and stable coverage.

IEEE 802.11ac Wave2

Powered by MU-MIMO technology, a single W64AP can communicate with multiple wireless clients at one time, letting you enjoy higher throughput and better experience.

Dual-band for more connected clients

W64AP allows clients that support either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band, or both to connect to it at the same time, tripling the quantity of connected clients of traditional single-band AP.

Gigabit internet connection for ultra-fast experience

Up to 1317 Mbps dual-band data rate and the Gigabit Ethernet port offer you ultra-fast internet connections.

Built-in RF for intelligent optimization

Featuring various anti-interference algorithms, the built-in RF enables W64AP to evenly allocate bandwidth resources for multiple users, filter interference, and optimize date rate, offering you a guaranteed signal strength and reliable wireless experience.

VLAN tagging for SSID

W64AP allows you to set multiple SSIDs and add VLAN tags for SSIDs, thus protecting your network.

Standard PoE sourcing and DC power supply for easy deployment

You can use an IEEE 802.3at-compliant PoE sourcing equipment, or a 12V DC power adapter to power on W64AP.

Centralized management

You are allowed to configure and manage multiple W64AP in a centralized manner through all IP-COM access controllers (AC) and enterprise routers that include AC functionality, and enjoy simple management, configuration and monitoring of all access points.

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