The IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2-compliant W63AP is a gigabit dual-band ceiling access point. It offers a concurrent data rate as high as of 1167 Mbps. Powered by MU-MIMO technology, a single W63AP can simultaneously communicate with multiple clients, greatly improving the throughput and bettering user experience. The built-in omni-directional antennas optimize signal radiating directions, broadening the wireless coverage of a single AP. W63AP can be powered by PoE sourcing equipment that compliant with IEEE 802.3at. With its ceiling installation design and sleek appearance, it simplifies wireless networking for enterprises, hotels and other public indoor spaces.

  • Gigabit port
  • Up to 1167 Mbps dual-band data rate
  • MU-MIMO for high throughput
  • Supports to be centrally managed by all IP-COM access controllers (AC) and enterprise routers that includes AC functionality

Gigabit internet connections for ultra-fast experience

Up to 1167 Mbps dual-band data rate, and the Gigabit Ethernet port offers you ultra-fast internet connections.

IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 and MU-MIMO

Compliant with IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 and powered by MU-MIMO technology, a single W63AP can communicate with multiple wireless clients simultaneously, leading to higher throughput.

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for more connected clients

The dual-band wireless design allows clients that support 2.4 GHz and/or 5 GHz bands to connect to the AP at the same time, tripling the quantity of connected clients of traditional single-band AP.

Built-in omni-directional antennas

With the optimized built-in high-gain omni-directional antennas, W63AP outperforms in radiating wireless signals, and greatly broadens its wireless coverage.

Standard PoE sourcing and DC power supply for easy deployment

W63AP can be powered by PoE sourcing equipment that compliant with IEEE 802.3at, as well as the power adapter.

VLAN tagging for SSID

W63AP allows you to set multiple SSIDs, and the IEEE 802.11q VLAN-compliant feature enables you to add VLAN tags for SSIDs, thus protecting the security of your network.

Built-in RF optimization

W63AP supports RF optimization technology and integrates with various algorithms for interference mitigation. Features include multi-user fairness, interference filtering, speed optimization, and signal strength guarantee.

Centralized management

W63AP can be centrally managed and configured through all IP-COM access controllers (AC) and enterprise routers that includes AC functionality, relieving the burdens of network administrators for management, configuration and monitoring of all access points.

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