EW12 is an AC2600 Tri-band Cable-Free WiFi System(Mini Basestation) from IP-COM specially designed for offices, restaurants, and other places. With advanced true Mesh technology and innovative built-in antennas design, enterprise users can adjust the quantities of EW12 according to the application area and combined with EW12 to form a distributed Mesh network without a dead zone. EW12 supports router mode and AP mode, which can meet the requirements of a small project with Mesh network, or partial Mesh network for large projects. The device adopts a full gigabit network interface design with maximum support for single WAN. It integrates various enterprise functions such as intelligent bandwidth control, WEB authentication, SMS authentication, etc., and can be applied to a variety of application scenarios.

EW12 EW12 EW12 EW12
  • 2600Mbps 11AC Wave 2 WiFi
  • 1300Mbps dedicated backhaul link
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, maximum support 1 WAN port
  • Support mesh network technology
  • Support intelligent bandwidth control, fast roaming, seamless roaming
  • Support non-standard PoE module power supply
  • Support wall mount/ceiling mount/pole mount/desk mount installation
  • Support IP-COM IMS APP management and maintenance

No cable required, automatic networking, WLAN project completed in 3 minutes

EW12 adopts True Mesh technology,only need to power on multiple devices, you can complete automatic discovery and networking between devices. Use dedicated 5G signal interconnection between devices.No need for professional surveying and construction, only need to use multiple cable-free products according to the actual coverage area,it can realize the WLAN project construction without network cable, eliminating the complicated and cumbersome installation and configuration process of traditional equipment.

Dedicated backhaul frequency band

EW12 uses three independent wireless frequency bands up to 2600Mbps and a backhaul link up to 1300Mbps, backhaul and WiFi coverage do not interfere with each other. No matter where you are, you can ensure a stable high-speed connection.

WiFi weak signal area killer

Unlike the traditional AP, EW12 does not need to consider the installation location, where the signal is not good, where to install, using the Tri-band Cable-Free WiFi System to achieve seamless coverage of the office area and eliminate weak signal areas once and for all.

100% true roaming

EW12 adopts 802.11k/v/r seamless roaming protocol, and supports autonomous roaming switching of devices. In multi-point deployment scenarios, users can roam between different nodes up to 50ms, when you move, the network will not be stuck.

Multiple modes, multiple choices

EW12 supports two modes of router and AP, which can be used as a router and other Cable-free devices to form an independent Cable-free network, and can also be used as an AP to perfectly integrate into the existing network. Use whatever you want, your network is up to you.

Support IMS APP management, easy management, easy configuration

EW12 supports the remote operation and maintenance system of IMS network equipment and IMS APP management, and the management and maintenance of equipment can be realized through the mobile phone APP. Using IP-COM cloud account login, you can achieve APP remote management and maintenance, and you can also complete the commissioning and maintenance of customer networks in the office.

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