Hospitality Wireless Solution

No dead angle coverage and support operation promotion
Build a new era hotel wireless network

Two major problems encountered in the construction of hotel network


Hard to connect

Network coverage is not comprehensive, no signal can be found in the cornerConnection is not convenient,repeatedly ask for password.The signal is unstable, and it is easy to drop when moving.


Slow network speed

Guest complaints download slow internet speed Can't get smooth ive video

Multiple coverage methods: ensure that the signal has no dead spots

  • 1) Wall plate AP deployment: Superior Business Room, Family Suite
  • 2) Ceiling AP deployment: hall, corridor, single room, standard room

Convenient and diversified authentication methods: solve the problem of inconvenient connection

  • 1)Multi-certification: Provide multiple access authentication methods, support WEB authentication, SMS authentication, PPPoE authentication, multiple authentication methods, and visitor authentication is simple and fast.
  • 2) Quick connection: convenient for customers to use the network faster
  • 3)Quick and easy: avoid queuing to ask the front desk
  • 4) High efficiency: reduce the pressure on hotel staff and improve work efficiency

Adopt advanced technology in the industry: solve the problem of signal instability

  • 1) Using Beamforming+ technology: there is a signal everywhere
  • 2) Adopt MU-MIMO technology: allow more access without crashing

Beamforming+, the signal moves with you


Beamforming+, the signal moves with you


Multiple functions are adjusted together:Solve the problem of slow network speed

The signal is automatically divided to prevent co-channel interference;Intelligent bandwidth management to ensure that everyone has a good network connection;

QoS management to ensure the normal operation of key services;Air interface scheduling to ensure wireless utilization efficiency;

Load balancing to avoid excessive load on a single AP;Multi-WAN overlay ensures wireless utilization efficiency.



Program advantages:

1. AP management is more convenient

The user can generate an AP map according to the imported floor plan, and intuitively configure the AP to view the real-time status.

2. Operation and maintenance management is easier

Visualized WEB management interface, non-professionals can quickly get started with AP management

3. More security of the Internet

Support Illegal IP interception, ARP attack defense, IP-MAC access control, WAN port defense ping, DDos attack defense, and IP attack defense to ensure network security. It can be enabled with one-click setting. No complicated parameter setting is required, and one button is safe to open.

Product matching

The hotel network consists of wireless APs, PoE switches, wireless controllers and routers. IP-COM provides professional network planning solutions based on the actual situation of the hotel for customers to choose.

Network type Entry level Standard level High Level
Router M50 M80 AC3000
Access Controller AC1000 AC2000 AC3000
Switch F1118P F1126P G3224P
Access Point AP255+AP325 AP265+AP340 AP275+AP355

Classic Application Cases

We provided outstanding anti-interference WLAN solution for 70000 hotels We are still making efforts to provide high-quality network for more