AX3000 Wi-Fi6 Dual-Band Access Point

Pro-6-LITE Pro-6-LITE Pro-6-LITE Pro-6-LITE


AX3000 Wi-Fi6 Dual-Band Access Point

  • OFDMA and Uplink & Downlink MU-MIMO
  • 2.4 GHz Band up to 574 Mbps
  • 5 GHz Band up to 2402 Mbps
  • Covering an area of 150㎡

Pro-6-LITE    Overview

Pro-6-Lite is a 2x2 Wi-Fi 6 access point which offers an up to 3 Gbps aggregate wireless rate with both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. With the application of OFDMA, DL/UL MU-MIMO, and SR (Spatial Reuse), its system capacity has been greatly increased compared with that with 802.11ac. In addition, with the TWT technology, Pro-6-Lite can centrally schedule awakening and sleeping of clients, reducing client confilicts and unneccessary awakenings, and therefore can be used in densely-populated scenarios where large quantities of concurrent access are required.

3000Mbps high speed, 160MHz large bandwidth
HD video conferencing, free to connect anytime, anywhere

With a new generation of WiFi 6 technology, it supports a large 160MHz bandwidth with a concurrent wireless rate of up to 3000Mpbs, doubling the transmission performance compared to 80MHz bandwidth, and equipped with OFDMA, MU-MIMO and other technologies..
√ High speed √ Multiple concurrency
√ Low latency √ Low power consumption

High performance antennas with external independent FEMs
Easy wall penetration, full signal at every corner

2.4GHz/5GHz full band configured high power independent signal amplifier, built-in 4dBi high gain antennas, strong signal, easily penetrate the wall, even weak signal can be received , easily cover 150㎡. The reasonable layout of the antenna reduces interference from the same frequency, so that the Internet can be accessed even if you are at the edge of the range.

Small and compact, space-saving and easy to install
Flexible integration even in different decorations

The 176*176*43.5mm size design is compact, elegant and stylish, which can perfectly fit into various scenes without destroying the decoration and can greatly save space. The hidden port design allows the network cable to be connected from the ceiling to the network port hidden at the back of the AP, making the wiring neat and simple.

Automatic RF optimization to reduce signal interference
Enjoy stable WiFi every time, every day

When there are overlapping frequency bands in the working channels of neighbouring APs, the power of one AP will cause signal interference to the neighbouring APs. Through the RF optimization function, the channel and power of APs can be planned automatically to intelligently reduce the signal interference between APs and ensure the high-speed operation of wireless network.

Intelligent load balancing
Ultra-low failure rate for better Internet experience

Supports inter-AP load balancing, for wireless user dense areas, Pro-6-LITE works with AP controller, based on the AP's band capacity to do balancing, wireless terminals are assigned to different APs, balance the access load pressure, greatly ensure the stability of the AP and connection availability.

Seamless roaming at 50 ms
From upstairs to downstairs, automatically switch to the best WiFi

When moving within the coverage area, the Internet device automatically connects to the AP node with the best signal, with a switching latency as low as 50ms. Whether it's a video conference or a voice call, you can walk freely and unrestrictedly, with seamless WiFi signal switching, having smooth and stable Internet speed as always.

Supports standard PoE power supply
Easy to install with only one network cable

Supports 802.3at standard PoE network cable power supply, no external power supply needed. One network cable can connect to the switch and gain PoE power supply and data transmission. Real plug and play, no need to consider the socket location, power cable alignment, etc., convenient wiring, flexible networking, more convenient installation.

Cloud platform/APP centralised management
Efficient and intelligent, easily reduce O&M costs

Supports unified deployment, configuration and management of equipment. Through ProFi Cloud Platform and ProFi APP, you can manage operation and maintenance anytime and anywhere, so you can easily grasp the whole situation without having to visit the site.

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