Multi-WAN Hotspot Router
  • Multi WAN Load Balance
  • Captive Portal/PPPoE Server
  • Smart bandwidth control
  • PPTP/L2TP/IPSec Server
  • Built-in AP Controller
IP-COM Multi-WAN Hotspot Router M50 is designed for small- and medium-sized enterprises to implement intelligent network access and management. It offers an AP management system and a multi-authentication management system, and supports various enterprise-oriented functions including filter management, intelligent bandwidth management, PPTP/L2TP/IPSec VPN, and multi-WAN.

Multi WAN Load Balance

M50 supports 4 WAN ports.  It can realize bandwidth averaging between two WAN ports base IP Group. Also it reserve the possibility of bandwidth expansion in the future.

Captive portal and PPPoE server

M50 integrates with captive protal service. A landing page will pop-up when mobile device connect to wifi network.  Once username and password is provided, the user will be able to access Internet.

Smart Bandwidth Control

M50 features with smart bandwidth management. It will adjust each user's download and upload bandwidth automatically according to all users bandwidth usage to avoid bandwidth insufficient.

PPTP/L2TP/IPSec Server

M50 supports multiple VPN protocols including IPsec, PPTP and L2TP in Client/Server mode.  It is easily to setup a secure data link between branch and headquater through LAN-to-LAN/Client-to-LAN mode.

Built-in AP Controller

M50 intergrates with AP controller to manage all IP-COM indoor access point. It will discover AP automatically when AP connect into network. You can edit AP's deployment location, SSID, Security, Output power, client limitation for SSID, Schedule Reboot etc function on the WEB UI at a single location.

  • Multi WAN Load Balance
  • Captive Portal/PPPoE Server
  • Smart bandwidth control
  • PPTP/L2TP/IPSec Server
  • Built-in AP Controller
Hardware Specifications
Dimension 440*285*44(mm)

CPU 800MHz Dual core



Interfaces 5*GE(1~4 WAN/ 4~1 LAN)
1*RJ45 Console

Power 100-240V 0.7A 50/60Hz

Software Specifications
Max user capacity 100

Max New sessions 3900

Max Concurrent Sessions 55000

MAX AP Manage number 16APs

Internet Connection Type PPPoE/DHCP/Static IP

Authrization Service Captive Portal, PPPoE

Captive Portal 300 Portal Accounts
Customize E-bulletin

PPPoE Server 100 PPPoE Accounts
Customize E-bulletin

Bandwidth Control Smart Bandwith Control
Manual Definition

Internet Access Control IP/mac/URL Filter


Port Forwarding Port Forwarding

Security Setting IP-MAC Binding
ARP Attack Protection

DDNS Dyndns/No-Ip

UPNP Support

Firmware Upgrade Local  firmware update
Online Firmware update

System Tool Schedule Reboot
Restore or Backup Configuration

Network Status View User Statistics
Traffic Statistics
System Log