AP Controller
  • Maximum AP managed number up to 128.
  • 5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports.
  • AP and clients online status statistics.
  • Email and software alarm.
  • Unified manage all indoor and outdoor APs.
IP-COM AC1000 is an AP conctroller, sepcially designed to manage quantities of APs in the netwrok for SMB such as budget hotels,K-12 schools. Abandant wireless features management including editing AP‘s deployment location,SSID,Security key,RSSI threshold,Client limitation, VLAN,output power, Client isolation, SSID isolation, 5G band steering. Also it can monitor AP and clients online status. All these features help the administrator to install, manage and monitor APs at a single location.

AP Auto Discover and Configuration

When AP connect to the network, AP will be discovered by the AC1000 automatically, then AC1000 will distribute the default SSID policy and Radio policy to all new APs.

Unified manage all indoor and outdoor APs

AC1000 can manage and monitor all IP-COM indoor and outdoor AP. With it, you can modify the AP deployment location description, SSID, channel, security, output power, VLAN tagging for SSID, RSSI. It is more easily when you deploy and install quantities of AP.

Branch Network Deployment Mode

AC1000 deploys in branch network mode, you just connect the it to the core or aggrigate switch without changing your network topology.

AP and client online statistics

AC1000 can statistics AP and client online status, it will online AP's number, online client's number, download traffic of clients. It is easy and clear to know overall network usage status.

Email and software alert

AC1000 features email and software alert. When AP is failure or over the defined traffic/client threshold, it will send the message to the alert software or email address, you can know the network status immediately.

  • Maximum AP managed number up to 128.
  • 5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports.
  • AP and clients online status statistics.
  • Email and software alarm.
  • Unified manage all indoor and outdoor APs.
Product Information
Model AC1000
Deployment Ceiling and Wall Mount
Dimensions 210mm*130mm*30mm(L*W*H)
Application Scenarios budget hotels,K-12 schools etc SMB
Hardware Specifications
Standards IEEE 802.3u/ab
Interfaces 5*10/100/1000Mbps LAN
CPU 800MHz Broadcom ARM
Flash 16MB
Max Power Consumption 9W
Software Specification
Default AP managed number 64
Max AP managed number 128
Wireless Features Management Access Point Auto Discovery
Access Point Auto IP Assignment
Access Point Device Name Editing
Access Point SSID Editing
Access Point Client Limit Editing
Access Point output power Editting
Access Point Security Editting(None,WPA-PSK,WPA2-PSK)
Access Point isolation Editting
Access Point SSID isolation Editting
Access Point channel Select
VLANs for Access Point-Multiple SSIDs
5G Band Steering editting
Client isolation editting
SSID isolation editting
RSSI threshold for client access editting
Monitor the AP online status
Wireless Client Monitoring
Batch AP Reset capability
Batch AP reboot capability
batch Firmware Upgrade Capability
Schedule reboot AP capability
AP failure alarm
AP traffic alarm
AP clients limit alarm
AP&am;clients list export
System Tools IP Setting
System Time&Date
Firmware upgrade
Configurating backup and restore
Device Reboot
Username and password
System log
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature -10℃-45℃
Storage Temperature -30℃-70℃
Operating Humidity 10%-90%(non-condensing)
Storage Humidity 5%-90%RH(non-condensing)
Default Login IP
Default username admin
Default Password admin
Certification  CCC/FCC/CE/ROHS
  • Upgrade Notes:

    1.This firmware is only fit for AC1000v1.0 and its firmware version must be in V1.0.0.XX or more.

    2.Do not power off the device when upgrading.

    3.Please unzip the file you downloaded and use the file ended with "bin" or "trx" to upgrade your device.

    4.Please reset it to factory settings after upgraded it.

    Release Notes:

    1.The Maximum number for AP management is 256.

  • Date 20161031
    What is new features in version V1.0.0.5(4666)
    1.Add default SSID policy, new AP connect into network will get configuration automatically
    2.Add default RF policy, new AP connect into network will get configuration automatical