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Mesh Series

Mesh Series

Mesh Series

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    Mesh Series

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    CompFi 6 (EW15D) CompFi 6 (EW15D) CompFi 6 (EW15D) CompFi 6 (EW15D)

    CompFi 6 (EW15D) 

    AC3000 Tri-band Cable-Free WiFi Router

    • 3000Mbps 11AC Wave 2 WiFi
    • 1733Mbps independent Backhaul
    • 4*Gigabit Ethernet Port,Max 3*WAN
    • A capacity of 200 wireless clients with video playing
    • Built-in RF optimization and QoS policy
    EW12 EW12 EW12 EW12


    AC2600 Tri-band Cable-Free WiFi System

    • 2600Mbps 11AC Wave 2 WiFi
    • 1300Mbps dedicated backhaul link
    • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, maximum support 1 WAN port
    • Support mesh network technology
    • Support intelligent bandwidth control, fast roaming, seamless roaming
    EW9+EP9x2 EW9+EP9x2 EW9+EP9x2 EW9+EP9x2


    AC1200 Enterprise Mesh Wi-Fi System

    • True Mesh technology,Access Point connect each other ,we only need one accesss cable in the whole Mesh system
    • Support local management, remote management, network troubleshooting based on the APP ,achieving network maintenance remotly
    • Built-in Portal authentication server enables the WEB authentication, account-password authentication, and SMS authentication
    • Supports four installation modes, Support router and bridge (AP) deployment modes to adapt to multiple scenarios
    • Support 1200M 11AC Wave 2
    EP9 EP9 EP9 EP9


    AC1200 Enterprise Mesh Wi-Fi System

    • 1200Mbps 11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi
    • True Mesh technology
    • Seamless Roaming
    • APP Management
    • Supports wall mount/ceiling mount/pole mount/desk mount
    EW9 EW9 EW9 EW9 EW9


    AC1200 Enterprise Mesh Wi-Fi System

    • 1200Mbps 11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi
    • 4*Gigabit ports, dual WAN capacity
    • True Mesh technology
    • APP Management
    • Supports smart bandwidth control、seamless roaming、web & SMS authentification
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