Monitoring transmission solution

A set of solution for integrators

Two major problems encountered in monitoring transmission


Monitoring video signal unstable

There will be problems that monitoring video signal unstable when the elevator is running


Complex configuration for connection

Need professionals technical staff to configuration

With industrial grade materials to improve industrial reliability

Using Qualcomm industrial chips, powerful data processing capabilities and low heat generation ensure long-lasting and stable operation of the equipment.



Qualcomm ARM
Dual core 900MHz
High performance chip


64M memory, efficient and fast data processing


16dBi directional antenna, concentrated signal transmission


Designed with ABS reinforcement for a variety of complex environments

Radio frequency

Using professional RF chip, the transmission power can reach up to 800mW

Flash memory

Using SPI technology,
8M large capacity flash

With wireless anti-jamming technology to improve wireless video transmission throughput

Adopt wireless anti-interference technology to reduce signal receiving sensitivity, improve wireless anti-interference ability, and increase video transmission throughput by more than 15%.


Wireless anti-jamming optimization

Solutions Bridge signal      Solutions Interference signal

Without professional technical staff can installation configuration

With automatic connection technology, no need to enter the management interface, the configuration simple and easy
The multi-level signal strength shows that the bridging status is clear can quickly find the best installation position and direction.


Support DC power supply and passive PoE network cable power supply, easy to install, suitable for a variety of complex installation environments

support dc and passive PoE





1.Equipped with unified management software

Through the CPE Controller, you can view the working status of the bridge without leaving the home, and manage the bridge uniformly.

2.Transparent bridge technology

Designed for video surveillance scenarios, the NVR automatically discovers and manages the camera.

3.Video signal visualization

With 2 years of maintenance-free installation, the bridge signal is visible and the problem can be quickly located.

4.High-level protection

The protection level is IP64; the working temperature is -30°C to 55°C, which can adapt to various complicated environments.

5.Support poles, wall mounted

With a special pole design, no bracket is required, and the installation is faster and more convenient.

Product matching

The elevator monitoring wireless transmission scheme consists of a bridge, a switch, a hard disk recorder, and a camera. IP-COM will plan different equipment models for customers to choose according to the site conditions.
The single building networking solution is applicable to single office buildings, residential buildings, apartment buildings
The multi-building networking scheme is applicable to scenes where multiple buildings, residential buildings, apartment buildings, and the like are not suitable for cable transmission.

Network type The single building The multi-building
Aggregation switch - G1024G
Access switch G1008 G1008
Wireless CPE CPE3/CPE6 CPE3/CPE6

Monitoring transmission classic case

The elevator monitoring and outdoor transmission solutions are preferred, the deployment is simple, and the video single is smooth.