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High Power Dual-band Wireless Access Points
Provide Internet Access to Guests of
Monroe Consulting Group

Monroe Consulting Group is an international award-winning executive search (headhunting) company that delivers the highest standards of professionalism to multinational and national companies in emerging economies around the world. Originally conceived in Australia, the Group opened its first office in Thailand in 2002 and expanded rapidly. It now operates a network of branches throughout Asia and Latin America, employing more than 100 professional consultants who are expert at recruiting in developing markets.
"Monroe Consulting Group needs a Wi-Fi connection for internal use which covers entire one floor. "

Increased Wi-Fi Assures Streaming Multimedia

IP-COM provides dual band access points and sets 5GHz access priority which makes optimum load balance, improving the network utility of multimedia. IP-COM

Seamless Roaming Assures Stable Connection

IP-COM WLAN solution features in seamless roaming. The workers can access the network anywhere without repeated authentication and continue their work. IP-COM

Easy Deployment and Centralized Management

IP-COM equipment is designed with artistic appearance and deployed easily without destroying outer structure. Also, the total equipment can be managed by one system without a lot of labor work.  IP-COM
"The Wi-Fi is very stable and convenient. It helps us to improve our work efficiency! "
——   Mr. Han