Stable Internet Access to All Guests Suites

IP-COM Provides Extensive Wireless Coverage Solution for Grand Mega Resort Cepu by Using Wall Plate Accees Point and Managed Switch

Grand Mega Resort Cepu is near Bengawan Solo, the legendary river in Central Java and combine with the classic architecture of Java and Bali, with the touch of a beautiful park. There are 72 guest rooms and 2 private Villas to enjoy.

Full Wi-Fi Coverage without Dead-spot

Grand Mega Resort Cepu consists of complex rooms and functional areas. To make sure each room is full of Wi-Fi coverage, IP-COM provides wall plate and deploys the network according to the real environment which assures full wireless signal coverage without dead-spot.

All-In-One Hotel Room Internet Access

According to the hotel requirement, IP-COM provides optimum equipment which has various functions such as network service, DC service, USB charge service and Telephone service.

Value-added Wi-Fi Advertisement

Rumah Luwih Hospitality not only needs full Wi-Fi coverage, but also needs guest information statistics. IP-COM Provided an optimum solution which features in abundant autentication and being convenient for hotel administrator to get guest information and carry out hotel promotion.

Intelligent Control

According to the hotel requirement, IP-COM provides WLAN solution featuring in web access control which assures secure and  stable network experience.

Seamless Roaming Assures Stable Connection

IP-COM WLAN solution features in seamless roaming. The workers can access the network anywhere without repeated authentication and continue their work.

After We use the IP-COM Wi-Fi solution, our guests' complaint decreases. It is very great!

-- Mr. Brook