Easy Wi-Fi  Easy Management

IP-COM Provides Remote Control Solution for Saudi Arabia Holiday Inn by Using Wall Plate Access Point, Controller and Managed Switch.

Holiday Inn Yanbu  is branch of Holiday Inn which is af?ated to IHG (International Hotels Group).  IHG hotels provide more than 674,000 guest rooms globally, serving over 150 million guests each year. Their family of nine trusted brands range from the friendly comfort of a city-center Holiday Inn? hotel to the luxury of an award-winning InterContinental? resort.

Full Wi-Fi Coverage for Each Room is Our Basic Promise

Most guests spend their time in hotels with eager demand of fluent web access. By testing the signal in details, IP-COM finally provides an optimal networking solution with wall plate access point, PoE switch and access controller which features in power auto-adjustment and central management, and assures full wifi coverage for every room.

Value-added Wi-Fi Advertisement

Saudi Arabia Holiday Inn not only needs full Wi-Fi coverage, but also needs guest information statistics. IP-COM Provided an optimum solution which features in abundant autentication and being convenient for hotel administrator to get guest information and carry out hotel promotion.

Intelligent Control

According to the hotel requirement, IP-COM provides WLAN solution featuring in web access control which assures secure and  stable network experience.

Centralized Management

Saudi Arabia Holiday Inn has many rooms and considerable networking equipment  which is inconvenient  for the administrator to maintain them. IP-COM provides suitable WLAN solution which features in central management. It is very convenient for the administrator to control all the equipment by using one system on a computer.

We satisfy our guests they need to use smart phone or tablet pc to access Wi-Fi Internet in hotel rooms. W30AP saves us the trouble of putting access points in the ceiling and destroying interior decoration. It is also secure to protect our hotel guest privacy.

--From IT manager:  Mr. Mohamad S.Khan