Wi-Fi Anywhere, Enjoyment Everywhere

IP-COM High Power Access Point Provides Internet Access to Guests of Jordan Movenpick Hotel

The Movenpick Resort & Residences Aqaba is located in the centre of Aqaba, right on the northern sandy beach of the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea.  This architectural delight features a mix of European and Arabesque designs, re?ecting a homely feeling. The resort combines grandeur, luxury and welcoming hospitality.

The Movenpick Hotel expanded to enlarge its scope for serving more guests as well as cover several new hotel properties. With the added volume of users, the resort’s previous network capabilities began to fall due to the inability to handle the broadened range and increase bandwidth usage as well as data security.

Full Wi-Fi Coverage for Each Room is Our Basic Promise

Most guests spend their time in hotels with eager demand of fluent web access. By testing the signal in details, IP-COM finally provides an optimal networking solution with wall plate access point, PoE switch and access controller which features in power auto-adjustment and central management, and assures full wifi coverage for every room.

Intelligent Control

According to the hotel requirement, IP-COM provides WLAN solution featuring in web access control which assures secure and  stable network experience.

All-In-One Hotel Room Internet Access

According to the hotel requirement, IP-COM provides optimum equipment which has various functions such as network service, DC service, USB charge service and Telephone service.

Bandwidth Control

QoS function assures fluent network traffic and normal hotel work.

Centralized Management

Jordan Movenpick Hotel has many rooms and considerable networking equipment  which is inconvenient  for the administrator to maintain them. IP-COM provides suitable WLAN solution which features in centralized management. It is very convenient for the administrator to control all the equipment by using one system on a computer.

"By IP-COM solution we enjoy the easy management and powerful Wi-Fi experience. It was an excellent business process."

--  Mr. Amit Kothari