IP-COM High Power Access Point Provides Internet Access to Guests of 88 Courtyard Hotel in the Philippines

Touch Everything with WiFi Anywhere

88 Courtyard Hotel Manila is a newly built three- star hotel who aspires to become the leading brand in the Hotel Industry. Conveniently located in Pasay, near NinoyAquino International Airport in Newport City. Be dazzled by the history, luxury amenities, business districts, the largest shopping center and other popular entertainment destinations in the heart of Manila. Our guests will definitely enjoy the city's culturally rich and divine historical attractions such as Intramuros, Luneta and Rizal Parks, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines

88Courtyard wants to provide its guest with the best wireless internet experience during their stay in the hotel. Whether they are inside or outside their rooms, 88Courtyard wants to ensure that each and every guest gets its uninterrupted high-speed wifi internet. Since 88Courtyard is providing 15Mbps internet connection the establishment wants to be sure that the bandwidth is given exclusively for their for hotel guests

88 Courtyard Hotel consists of complex rooms and areas such as lobby,guest room, corridor, meeting room, swimming pool and other public areas. The engineers from IP-COM helped the hotel test the signal coverage in all directions and carried out optimum networking deployment for the hotel, which eliminated the dead-spot.

Wi-Fi Coverage Without Dead-spot

Full Wi-Fi Coverage for Each Room is Our Basic Promise

Most guests spend their time in hotels with eager demand of fluent web access. By testing the signal in details, IP-COM finally provided a optimal networking solution with ceiling access point, PoE switch and access controller which features in power auto-adjustment and centralized management, and assures full wifi coverage for every room.

Value-added Wi-Fi Advertisement

88 Courtyard Hotel not only needs full Wi-Fi coverage, but also needs guest information statistics. IP-COM Provides an optimum solution which features in abundant autentication and being convenient for hotel administrator to get guest information and carry out hotel promotion.

Centralized Management

88 Courtyard Hotel has many rooms and considerable networking equipment  which is inconvenient  for the administrator to maintain them. IP-COM provides suitable WLAN solution which features in centralized management. It is very convenient for the administrator to control all the equipment by using one system on a computer.

"IP-COM really applied international standards to the design of the network, and have further underpin the ?exibility and viability in the network. Our guests are very satified with the network and complaint decreases."

--From Manager: Mr. Frank