5GHz 11n 300Mbps Basestation



5GHz 11n 300Mbps Basestation

  • 5GHz 11n 300Mbps
  • Two RP-SMA Connector
  • IP65 waterproof enclosure
  • 6000V Lightning Protection
  • AP,Station,WISP operating mode supported
  • Up to 60 meters of flexible deployment with included PoE adapter

BS6    Overview

BS6 5GHz 11n 300Mbps Basestation is designed for PtP and PtMP solutions for rural wireless connectivity and CCTV surveillance.Features with two RP- SMA enable it to pair with dish antenna or sector antenna to establish PtP backhaul connection and P2MP link. It adopts IP-COM TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) proprietary protocol--IMAX to improve performance and capacity. The auto-bridging technology enable it easy to setup for both business and home users.

Multiple Application Scenarios

PtP Backhaul Connection
Pair with Dish antenna, one work as AP mode and another work as Station mode to create a long distance backhaul connection. P2MP Link
Pair with Sector antenna, BS6 work as AP mode to deliver wirelss signal to share Internet to local resident,small office.

IMAX-IP-COM TDMA proprietary protocol

IMAX is IP-COM TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) proprietary protocol to improve performance and capacity for wireless WISP outdoor application scenarios
In outdoor enviroment, the CPE use highly directional antennas to connect to the Basestation from distances that can span several kilometers. the CPE can't sense each other, they become "hidden nodes" and cannot coordinate access to the wireless channel. Thus the Basestation experiences frequent collisions from stations transmitting simultaneously. As the network scales, these collisions build up exponentially, increasing latency and lowering throughput
With IMAX, it coordinate all the data transmission and allocates time to active clients to provide greater noise immunity performance when compared to the conventional 802.11 CSMA/CA (Carrier Sense MultipleAccess / Collision Avoidance) protocol.

Super channel-Extended Frequency

BS6 adopts of Qualcomm AR9344 chipset and special software mechanism optimization for radio driven architecture to offer extended frequency support. This feature is designed to help users get out of the congested, unlicensed 5GHz band and into clean spectrum.

10/20/30/40MHz Channel Bandwidth for better throughput

BS6 applys special optimization in software for register parameter to deliver 10/20/30/40MHz channel bandwidth option. It provides extra 10MHz and 30MHz channel bandwidth option to consumed according applycation scenarios. When you choose 30MHz channel bandwidth option, it can increase throughput for noisy environments. When you choose 10MHz channel bandwidth option, it can increase the number of available, non-overlapping channels, so networks can scale better.

Channel shift to avoid interferrence

BS6 provides Channel Shift feature to offset the central frequency 5MHz upper. It can avoid interference from nearby AP and deliver higher throughput.

CPE Controller-Centralized Management Platform

BS6 equips with centralized management software that helps users easily manage all the devices in their network from a single PC - CPE Controller. Functions like device discovery, status monitoring, firmware upgrading, and network maintenance can be managed using CPE Controller.

Professional Outdoor Design

BS6 adopt of IP65 weatherproof and 6000V Lightning protection design, It can withstand the harsh environmental conditions such as sunshine, rainfall or extremely low/high temperature environment

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