Wireless Internet Access to All Guests Room

IP-COM Extensive Wireless Coverage Access Point Provides Internet Access to Guests of Santika Hotel in Indonesia

Makassar, the busiest city in south Sulawesi and an important hub for access to eastern Indonesia, offers a prime location for this outstanding hotel, which boasts a futuristic interior and two differing views of the city and beach. With 118 well-appointed rooms and luxury suites designed in a modern architectural style, the hotel is an ideal base for business or leisure travelers who wish to explore Sulawesi and beyond.

Full Wi-Fi Coverage without Dead-spot

Santika Hotel owns more than 120 rooms and occupies huge area with complex building structures. According to the client requirement, IP-COM provides a suitable WLAN solution with wall plate access point for the hotel. By deploying the multi-function equipment for each room, all area of the accommodation are full of Wi-Fi signal and the dead-spot is eliminated.

All-In-One Hotel Room Internet Access

According to the hotel requirement, IP-COM provides optimum equipment which has various functions such as network service, DC service, USB charge service and Telephone service.

Intelligent Control

According to the hotel requirement, IP-COM provides WLAN solution featuring in web access control which assures secure and  stable network experience.

Easy Deployment and Centralized Management

IP-COM equipment is designed with artistic appearance and deployed easily without destroying outer structure. Also, the total equipment can be managed by one system without a lot of labor work.

It is amazing! We are very satisfied with IP-COM Wi-Fi solution. Expecially for the multi-function wall plate access point, it is very good and convient for us as well as our guest to use it.

-- Mr.Blue