Streaming Wi-Fi Makes Beautiful Life

IP-COM Complete Solution Provides Internet Access to Guests of  Jeddah Nahrawas Hotel  in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Nahrawas Hotel is is an 4-star hotel ideally located on Saudi Arabia, the stylish rooms and suites at Nahrawas Hotel are centrally located and free parking is available. All spacious accommodation features air conditioning and a seating area with cable ?at-screen TV, including a bath tub in the modern bathroom.

Previous Wi-Fi coverage was only limited to bar and lobby which lead many connectivity issues and complaints from guests. No isolation between guests Wi-Fi and staff Wi-Fi

Extensive Wi-Fi Coverage with Streaming Enjoyment

Jeddah Nahrawas Hotel is a large hotel with more than 120 different rooms. According to the real situation, IP-COM provides a complete solution for the hotel. In conference room, lobby, bar, guest room and other functional rooms, IP-COM totally deploys network equipment and updateS them into the best status. Thus, all the people including guests and staff can get the network access no matter where they are.

Streaming Video Watch

According to the hotel requirement, IP-COM provides relevant equipment with smart bandwidth control feature. QoS, bandwidth allocation makes voice and video optimization. Now all guests can experience the fluent video without bad traffic annoyance.

Security--relieves the Client Headache

In view of the hotel networking security, IP-COM provides the relevant equipment with IP-MAC-PORT-VID binding and information filtering features. Different people are able to access to different network according to the web access group policy and different SSID with different web access rights.

Easy till to be Beautiful

Jeddah Nahrawas Hotel is in artistic decoration. In order to keep the beautiful environment, IP-COM provides PoE equipment and practical & artistic-designed access point for the hotel to deploy the network. It is a very convenient  networking deployment without distroying the beatiful decoration.

Long Distance  Long Power Supply

In view of the hotel special structure, IP-COM provides relevant equipment which can support PoE power supply up to 250m. Long power trasmission makes client network deployment budget reduced a lot.

Centralized Management Brings Great Experience for the Administrator

IP-COM provides relevant equipment which functions in centralizedly managing all devices by one computer. It is very convenient and help the hotel save a lot of labor cost.

"One of the essential objectives is to bring customer value added service and enjoy free Wi-Fi everywhere and always keep in connection. IP-COM’s work help us to achieve this goal quickly.     "

-- From IT  Manager: Frahan Khan