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Remote Management and Maintenance your network anytime, anywhere

  • Cloud access to manage from anywhere, anytime
  • AI RF optimization,make your network more stable
  • Visual network device management
  • Project Run Data Dashboard
  • Configure and Debug Equipment by App

ProFi    Overview

ProFi cloud platform provides the management and maintenance ability of IP-COM network equipment, which is different from the traditional network operation and maintenance mode.The network equipment installed all over the place can be centralized on the ProFi cloud platform, and centralized management and remote maintenance can be carried out in a unified way based on project,so that you can still check the operation status of the network in the office or at home.

AI RF optimization,make your network more stable

ProFi integrates the RF analysis tool, when you enable it, the system will automatically analyze the surrounding wireless interference, automatically adjust the channel and power, and make the network more stable.

Remotely manage your network anytime, anywhere

With ProFi Cloud, you can manage and maintain your network anytime and anywhere through a Web or mobile app.

Visual management

Wireless heat map: support the generation of wireless coverage heat map, you can import the floor plan and draw obstacles, and the system will automatically calculate the wireless coverage capability of the AP Network topology: Supports automatic generation of topology based on IP-COM network devices, and devices managed by ProFi cloud can automatically generate network topology. Dashboard: Data display of network operation status, device online status, user online status, network load status, operation and alarm log information

One cloud account to manage all projects

Manage the project anywhere through the cloud and one account can manage and maintain 1000+ projects.

One project could be managed by multiple people

The project management authority could authorize the technical personnel to maintenace the project, realizing the flexible operation and maintenance.

Membership rating system

After registering and activating the membership, there are more surprises waiting for your discovery,follw us.

Continually updated

ProFi Cloud and ProFi App will be constantly updated and iterated, please follow us to get new versions in time

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