Set the Network on the Right Hotel

IP-COM Total Wireless Solution Provides Internet Access to Guests of Grand Pacific Hotel in FiJi

Grand Paci?c Hotel is a luxury hotel with colonial Style, located in Suva, Fiji Island with over 120 rooms. The hotel boasts four style of spacious guest rooms and eight styles of extraordinary suites, including six one-of-a kind, that offer opulence and epicurean delight to suit desired tastes. With the develop with smart devices, customers are demanding convenient wireless internet access at premises like rooms, dining venues, conference room and restaurants

The SOHO router functions in bad performance. It cannot meet the demand of the guest. Also, the maintenance of the network is very high.

Not only for Wi-Fi   But for Full Enjoyment

In view of the hotel room segment, IP-COM provides relevant equipment which is very suitable for room wifi coverage. One equipment with web port, Phone port and USB port is not only for wifi generation, but also for individual charge use and telephone use.

Value-added Marketing is also a Good Choice

According to the clients' requirement, IP-COM provides the relevant network equipment with toll on time-limited. What's more, the client can gather the guests' favor information and do the presicion Ad push for concrete promotion.

Security Terminates Data Robber

Sometimes Wi-Fi suffle occurs and it interferes hotel network and the data security. To resolve such problems, IP-COM deploys relevant networking equipment featuring in information filtering, PPTP,L2TP,IPSec VPN, web access rights policy and others which is very convenient for hotel IT administrators to monitor the data security.

Video, Voice,Game.... Everything is so Fluent

According to the hotel requirement, IP-COM provides relevant equipment with smart bandwidth control feature. QoS, bandwidth allocation makes voice and video optimization.Now all guests can experience the fluent video without bad traffic annoyance.

Centralized Management

Grand Pacific Hotel has many rooms and considerable networking equipment  which is inconvenient  for the administrator to maintain them. IP-COM provides suitable WLAN solution which features in centralized management. It is very convenient for the administrator to control all the equipment by using one system on a computer.

"IP-COM really applied international standards to the design of the network, and have further underpin the ?exibility and viability in the network "

-- From Manager: Mr. Chethan Laksman