Product Information
Model AC3000
Mounting rack-mounted
Application Scenarios Medium-Sized Enterprise offices, Shopping Malls, and Restaurants etc
Hardware Specifications
Wi-Fi Standards IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Interfaces 4*10/100/1000Mbps
Other Interface 4*USB,1*VGA,1*CONSOLE
Buttons 1*POWER
Max Power Consumption 250W
LED indicators POWER、HDD
Software Specifications
Basic Functions
Maximum Number of Managed APs 3000
Maxinum Number of Users 50K
Maximum Configurable Number of APs 4096
IP Protocol
IPv4 Protocol support
MLD Snooping support
IGMP Snooping support
Multicast to Unicast (IPv4) support
AC discovery 
AC discovery (DHCP option43, broadcast、Lighthouse AP) support
NAT traversal between AP and AC support
Local Forwarding Local forwarding based on SSID+VLAN
Central Forwarding support
WLAN Application
Wireless User Isolation AP based wireless users 2-layer isolation
SSID based wireless user 2-layer isolation
Keep Alive support
Idle support
Use Number Limit Supported: SSID based, per RF based
Real Time Spectrum Analysis support
Airtime Fairness support
Co-AP Channel Reuse support
RF Interface Transmission Rate Adjustment Algorithm support
Disable User Access with Weak Signal support
RF Management
20MHz/40MHz Auto-switch in 40MHz Mode support
Multi-SSID (Per Radio) 16
SSID Hiding support
Country Code Lock support
Static Channel and Power Configuration support
Auto Channel and Power Configuration support
Auto Transmission Rate Adjustment support
Coverage Hole Detection and Correction support
Intelligent Load Balancing Supported: based on traffic, user & frequency
Signal Transmission Coverage-oriented,capacity-oriented
Signal Reception Default,coverage-oriented, capacity-oriented
Band Steering Support
Green Features
Scheduled Shutdown of AP RF Interface support
Scheduled Shutdown of Wireless Service support
Per-packet Power Adjustment (PPC) support
Dynamic Blacklist support
Rogue AP Detection Supported:SSID based,BSSID, device OUI and more
Intra-AC, Inter-AP L2 and L3 Roaming support
Rate Limit Supported with granularity of 8Kbps
802.11e/WMM support
Intelligent bandwidth Control (Device Type) support
Intelligent Bandwidth Limit (ssid) support
Intelligent Bandwidth Limit (user specific) support
Access control
WPA, WPA2 support
TKIP support
CCMP support (11n recommended)
SSH support
802.1X authentication support
Local authentication Portal, MAC authentication
Attack detection support
URL Filtering support
ACL Filter IP packets based on: Source address, Destination address,Type of packet,Port, and any combination of these items
Security and Authentication 802.1x
Captive Portal(Internal & External portal server)
Value-added marketing authentication methods (QR code, SMS, WeChat, App, Alipay, etc.)
MAC static black and white list
User Access and Role Assignment Role assignment based on terminal types;
Role assignment based on terminal MAC address;
Permission assignment based on time bucket
Management and Deployment
Network Time NTP server setting, Auto sync, Manual Sync
System Logs AC System logs, Access Point Event Logs, Operation Logs
Configuration Operation Backup Configuration
AP Firmware Upgrade Manual Upgarde, Scheduled Upgrade
AP Maintain Manual Reboot, Scheduled Reboot
Grading Administrator Super administrator, administrator and read-only guest
Network Management WEB(https), SNMP v1/v2、SSH
Network Deployment WEB(https)
Diagnosis Ping、Traceroute、TCPdump
Packet Analytics support
AP Self healing support
Debug Tool Interface, tunnel, etc
Alarm Mail, SNMP Trap
AP Trap Messages AP reboot, AP Shutdown, CPU, Memory usage etc
AC System Trap Messages AC reboot, AC Shutdown, CPU, Memory and DHCP usage etc
Captive Portal
Portal Authentication support
Portal Page Redirection Supported: SSID based, AP Portal page push
Authentication Webpage WEB authentication page can self-define LOGO, background color, page word and disclaimer.
Webpage Template support
Portal by-pass Proxy support
Authentication Page Push Push different pages according to different SSID、AP position, and terminal types.
Consumer Analysis
Consumer Traffic Analysis Statistics and trends of visiting customers, returning rate, and the average residence time/Throughput etc.
Data Export Export of original data
Maps and Floor Plans
AP Dynamic Information Real-time display of each AP position, number of access users, real-time throughput, AP coverage, AP Txpower etc.
Architectural Figure Import Import of building figure, floor area distribution, and free allocation of AP sign location
Topology support
Working Environment
Operating Temperature -10℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -30℃ ~ 70℃
Operating Humidity 10%-90% (non-condensing)
Storage Humidity 10%-90%  (non-condensing)
Default Login IP
Default User Name admin
Default Password admin
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