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In the field of Ethernet switches, IP-COM went through years of hard work and development, focusing on SMB IT strategy and deployment. Unceasing innovation through long years enables IP-COM to provide more than 10 series of switches from the core layer to the access layer, including L3 ten Gigabit switch,L2 PoE switches, L2 managed switches and unmanaged series. All products run IP-COM proprietary software, to provide a unified command, configured to maximize the simplification of the product.

Since its inception of 2007, IP-COM runs his business in around 100 countries gradually with rapid development. Up to more than 2 million switches were sold to global markets.Our switches are widely used in education, enterprise, hotel and medical establishment, and become the first choice in building a network for enterprise.

Gigabit L2 Managed Switch

Broadcom chip solution with multiple management features and security protection system.

Gigabit Unmanaged Switch

Broadcom chip solution with professional full-port & power anti-lighting protection and full wire-speed clog-free transmission.

10/100M L2 Unmanaged Switch

World leading chip solution with professional full-port & power anti-lighting protection and full wire-speed clog-free transmission.

Gigabit L2 Managed PoE Switch

Overall security protection system, perfect QoS policy, easy installation & maintenance and multiple business.

10/100M L2 Web Smart PoE Switch

Simple management style, support 250m internet extension, high-density PoE power supply and smart management.

Gigabit Unmanaged PoE Switch

4KV anti-lighting level of uplink port, standard PoE port and flexible internet expansion for building safe and reliable network.

10/100M L2 Unmanaged PoE Switch

250M internet exentsion, 8 cores power supply, flexible port type and function for fulfilling requirements of economical simple network.

WLAN Expert for Optimum Network Solution

Hospitality Wireless Solution

Hospitality Wireless Solution

To improve guest experience and hotel operation efficiency by building up the operation network, room network, control network and VoD network.

Enterprise Wireless Solution

Enterprise Wireless Solution

To build up integrative enterprise network platform through technology collaboration between network & security and wire & wireless.

Education Wireless Solution

Through secure and reliable Wi-Fi network to provide more creative services for routine teaching, learning, experiment and others