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Campus Wirelss Teaching

Wireless teaching has gradually become the mainstream under the rapid development of technology in education nowadays. High-speed wireless network enables students to have free online discussions with specialists and teachers, such as free online video calls with classmates, family and friends as well as get access to library electronic resources. That how to build up a fast and secure campus Internet to meet the needs of staff and students has already become a problem encountered by many educational institutions.

By integration of AP,AC,switch, gateway and other equipment, IP-COM provides extensive-coverage, easy -deployment, haigh-speed and easy-maintenance network solution for schools and makes secure as well as convenient network campus environment for teachers and students.

Streaming wireless network Access to unlimited knowledge

Electronic schoolbag solution

IP-COM high-density coverage AP series support dual-band load balance and full coverage,it ensures stable wireless network for more than 50 video users which completely meet the needs for educational video applications. With built-in RF optimization module, IP-COM AP has strong anti-interference ability and service scheduling mechanism to ensure stable wireless network. IP-COM

Put educational apps first

IP-COM education wireless solution provides a comprehensive acceleration system for applications like 'electronic schoolbag' . Its access permission will be flexibly assigned to users based on their status, group, IP group and other elements.

Multistage authentication with flexible control over access permissions,safer and freer

It supports 802.1X , Web, SMS, two-dimensional code authantication. It assures users internet access security by using different SSIDs.

Multi-level management system, free to deploy at your convenience.

IP-COM education wireless solution provides private cloud deployment,which enables direct management from AC in headquarter to multiple ACs in branch campuses. Data can be forwarded in distributed or centralized way. Meanwhile, without professional VPN device, interconnection can be achieved between headquarter and branch campuses. IP-COM