Hospitality Wireless Solution

New Generation of Anti-interference Technology
New Internet Access Experience for Guest

With the development of individual mobile terminals, wireless internet turns to be an important factor that affects hospitality business operation. Nowadays, more and more hotels make great efforts to build up high-speed, secure and stable wireless network to improve the business operation efficiency and guest satisfation.

IP-COM is capable of providing wireless and wired network solution for hotels which fully covers office,guest room, dining room, conference room, lobby and outdoor areas without dead points.By the integration of indoor coverage devices, indoor high-capacity devices and outdoor coverage devices, IP-COM hospitality WLAN solution features in stability, security and others which greatly improves guest satisfation and hospitality operation efficiency.

We should provide value-added and
practical network solution for hospitality

Stable Network

IP-COM WLAN solution features in a lot of anti-interference technology including anti-interference optimization, RF auto-adjustment, electromagnetic signals suppression, free channel auto-adjustment, intelligent beamforming, message management, trash message filtering and intelligent spectrum analysis which keeps secure and streaming network for hotels and guests. IP-COM

All-in-one Guest Room Network Coverage

IP-COM provides wall plate access point for hospitality indoor WLAN solution which not only keeps the original decoration structure, but also offers all-in-one service for guests with multiple function ports.

Full Network Coverage for Conference Room

IP-COM is capable of providing network solution with high-density equipment which assures large capacity in the conference room.

Multiple Internet Access
Authentication with Security

IP-COM network solution features in multiple autehentication of 802.1X, web, message and others which makes sure internet access security for different people. IP-COM

Classic Application Cases

We provided outstanding anti-interference WLAN solution for 30000 hotels
We are still making efforts to provide high-quality network for more