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Unleash Enterprise Mobile Office & Information Management

The rapid development of information technology and the popularity of intelligent terminals, enterprises now have gradually turned into mobile office to improve management efficiency. Enterprise wireless solution enables them to become more competetive on a much bigger market, and make faster response to market and customer needs.Meanwhile,it facilitates communication between headquarters and branch offices as well as internal employees to improve efficiency and meet the needs of mobile office.

IP-COM enterprise wireless solution integrates deep online behavior management device, set the audit, intelligent flow control, Internet behavior management, private cloud technology solutions as a whole, to help enterprises achieve intelligent mobile office.

Solution values should lie in enterprise efficient and secure internet communication.

Dense deployment enables an intelligent office

IP-COM enterprise wireless solution is based on AC and AP's density deployment mode,enableing 300 people in open area or large conference room to access the Internet at the same time (6APs), perfectly supporting wireless intelligent office. IP-COM

Anti-interference machanism ensures more stable signal

IP-COM provides a set of solutions to optimize performance, including adaptive RF signal, suppression and avoidance of electromagnetic interference, intelligent scheduling for empty time , acceleration of management packets, spam message filtering,as well as intelligent spectrum analysis, which ensure a stable and smoothy wireless network for users.

Flexible control over applications and access permissions

IP-COM enterprise wireless solutions provide sophisticated office acceleration system, including traffic prioritization strategy for different softwares and applications as well as a flexible assignment on users' access privileges based on their status, user group, IP group and so on.

Multi-level authentication and isolation makes it easy to manage network security

IP-COM enterprise wireless solution supports multiple authentication methods like 802.1X , Web, wechat, SMS, QQ, and two-dimensional code, combined with SSID, AP, terminal types and other combinations for certification. It realizes different access privileges for IT administrators, staff, guests and other personnel by different authentication methods. IP-COM

Classic Application Cases

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