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Cooperate with IP-COM and achieve win-win outcome

IP-COM specially focuses on products innovation, quality improvement, complete solutions,favorable price and respresents the best opportunity for you to accelerate your business available today

Become a Partner

Adhering the core principle value of WIN-WIN COOPERATION, IP-COM sincerely implements the channel policy of openness, cooperation and win-win.

Based on the markets requirement and partners position in the tiered framework, IP-COM launches a comprehensive channel program which includes certificate & cooperation policy, channel incentive & outlay policy, channel tiers management policy, channel service policy to safeguard partners' interests.

IP-COM allows partner to have the flexibility to get the business information, product introduction, training and marketing materials from our website or local offices.

Partner Zone

IP-COM provides abundant product information, technical training and marketing materials for partners.

You are required to register on the web page being a partner here. And the VIP account will be allocated for you to download relevant market materials.

Training & Certificate

IP-COM develops a comprehensive training program based on the market and technology requirement to accelerate quick growth of staff and partners.

IP-COM offers different technology and product training for partners and staff every year,with awarding related certificate for qualified partners or staff.