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IP-COM gateway includes enterprise-class high-performance gateways and deep web behavior management gateway.

IP-COM enterprise high-performance gateway features in concurrent 100 users internet access, load balance, traffic control and multiple authentication. It is very suitable for small-medium-sized enterprises and chain hotels.

IP-COM deep web management gateway features in multiple authentication, web filter, application control, traffic control, content filter and VPN.

Multi-WAN Hotspot Router

AP management system and a multi-authentication management system, and supports various enterprise-oriented functions including filter management,multi-WAN...

WLAN Expert for Optimum Network Solution

Hospitality Wireless Solution

Hospitality Wireless Solution

To improve guest experience and hotel operation efficiency by building up the operation network, room network, control network and VoD network.

Enterprise Wireless Solution

Enterprise Wireless Solution

To build up integrative enterprise network platform through technology collaboration between network & security and wire & wireless.

Education Wireless Solution

Through secure and reliable Wi-Fi network to provide more creative services for routine teaching, learning, experiment and others