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IP-COM wireless products consist of wireless controllers and access points such as capacity access point for indoor and outdoor, wall plate wireless access points and outdoor long range access point.

Compliant with 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac standard, IP-COM wireless products also support standard PoE power supply.That eatures of built-in high-gain MIMO antenna, extensive Wi-Fi coverage and enhanced signal are suitable for various indoor and outdoor scenarios.

With multiple integrated management function, IP-COM Access Controller is able to manage all IP-COM access points.

Access Controller

Made for hotels,office,mall,etc. Maximum 3000AP management, 50000 users internet access concurrently.

Indoor Dual Band AP

Made for high-density environments like meeting room,office, restaurant and exhibition center.

Indoor Coverage AP

Specially made for large areas like guest rooms and lobby. Maximum room coverage is up to 8.

Wall Plate AP

Made for hotel room wireless coverage without dead point. Compliant with standard 86/75mm Junction.

Outdoor Coverage AP

Provide WiFi coverage for garden,campus,park etc.

Outdoor Long-range CPE

Designed for long range data transmission and CCTV surveillance.

WLAN Expert for Optimum Network Solution

Hospitality Wireless Solution

Hospitality Wireless Solution

To improve guest experience and hotel operation efficiency by building up the operation network, room network, control network and VoD network.

Enterprise Wireless Solution

Enterprise Wireless Solution

To build up integrative enterprise network platform through technology collaboration between network & security and wire & wireless.

Education Wireless Solution

Through secure and reliable Wi-Fi network to provide more creative services for routine teaching, learning, experiment and others